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English Version-Potentials 2021 - 2023, Telepathy & Power and Technic of Manifestation, 3D&5D

Aktualisiert: 15. Jan. 2021

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(Translated from German)

Yesterday I heard a wise phrase;

"If you allow yourself to be distracted, your consciousness is hijacked because you no longer claim it for yourself."

Let's look at the facts without thinking of ourselves as pathetic victims, because you always have a choice, which isn’t always easy to implement, but still you have a choice. If we consider what has already taken place in the last year, just in the media, the constant infiltration with the same and always repeating information, this quote above makes perfect sense. How many have let themselves be drawn into this spell. Fear, sickness, death, control, etc. The switches were pressed in the right place, where it hurts many, mentally, emotionally, physically, to try to make people compliant, to "turn off" the brain. No longer to think independently, in other words to hijack the consciousness of each individual to get away from ones intuition, away from critical questioning, away from impulses. Now this sounds like total conspiracy theory at first, but if you ask yourself how best to make someone compliant, it's to scare someone or threaten them. I think everyone can agree on that. Sense making information has been distributed to not question, to just do what is imposed on you. Sure some of it makes sense and possibly some of it doesn't make sense at all. Surely it also doesn't make sense that we all come to be of the same opinion. That will never happen. And yet it would be possible to exist together, side by side and peacefully.

And exactly here the spiritual ascension comes into play, of which so many spiritually interested people speak. This ascension has many faces and forms. Many people from different directions, from mediums to whistleblowers to public motivational speakers, have already shared their impressions, experiences and information here. This information goes from inner, transformational processes, to new technologies and the emergence of races of non-humankind. One does not know anymore what is really believable. It can be confusing. Again, there is a way to deal with it without being lulled; do nothing, observe, stay with yourself and focus back on yourself. I read from time to time posts from people who are waiting for a savior and these are by far not only the Christians. However, everyone makes the experience that one has choosen to make. In everything there is recognition or something to learn. And again, however; What of these forecasts will really come true, the future will show us. Would it be so good to know everything in detail in advance? Prognoses are to be taken like the media, with caution; if one relies too much on a certain outcome, one becomes blind or lazy and loses itself in possible potentials, instead of remaining in the reality, in the present moment. However, there is never anything to say against looking at potential forecasts, events and projections from a bold perspective.

The variety and diversity among us humans was appreciated by many until now, at least until the beginning of 2020. This is no longer the case. Fear makes you rigid, fear demands control and facts and completely shuts you down as a sensitive and impulsive being if you lose yourself in it. Of course "one" knows that. And yet, we always have the choice to feel into what really brings us into our fullness, what we really need.

But how do we move forward? How do we get over a total control or guidance from the outside and that without grouping, judging, suing, sacrificing...because that is what is happening. Many do question critically or see things differently than the mainstream, grouping impulsively with like-minded people...all fine and dandy so far, only then something happens that doesn't advance or help anything or anyone; condemnation and struggle. Group against group. "Just because a majority perceives something to be true does not make it a truth". Another statement I heard in an interesting interview recently. It is possible that a large percentage are just following orders and not because it is perceived as TRUE. The truth lies mostly under the surface.

Why I appreciate the contact and connection to the subtle energies, other dimensions, spirit guides and the words of the higher self, the source or whatever expressions may be right for you, the following lines show. They bring, in spite of aforementioned arguments, clarity and a broader spectrum of possibilities, how one can see and experience things.

Words from a different perspective on the current situation

From 3D to 5D and what the heck that "D" stuff even means:

Nothing is right or wrong here at this point, only you have to understand, that one behavior will lead to goal A and the other behavior to goal B, the next one, to goal C. It's not about having no goal in the end but rather the motive, the underlying, the emotion in it, why you do what you decide and the ability to keep the whole humandkind in your view, not to go into separation and groupings, not to fall into one's karmic pattern without noticing it, when it comes to solutions, as it is crucial for creating a unity than on the contrary to a separated and fighting society . Humandkind is catapulted into a "I and You" instead of a "We".

Separation is the loud announcement of a majority. Most do not really feel this impulse for separation, because it is not a true, soul impulse, but rather because they are yaged by fear and patterns. Well, only you can make a "we" out of it again by also finding a place as an "I". The "I" is as important than the "we". It needs to be in balance. Only you as a human being are directly able to show your love and compassion to the collective and the individual, to give warmth and to support so that the fear can pull away. Many people are stubborn because they are afraid and not because they are stubborn people. This understanding helps coming into neutrality and to stay in compassion or get there, instead of looking down on others who are just having a hard time getting out of the collective black clouds.

Again other people fight against something and feed the opposite pole all the more by giving it costant attention. Often and unfortunately these are the "light warriors" as the above mentioned underlying energy isnt love but a feeling of desperatly wanting to safe the earth and its people. If you cleaned that up in yourself and do not fight as a light warrior but focusing on what you want to create; thats were you want to be because "Energy flows where energy goes". Example: Groupings of like-minded people are beneficial for all of humanity as long as they include all of humanity with its diversity in their doings, feelings and actions. This in turn requires a higher perspective. At the moment this is still too little the case. It is often something against something else, instead of something for something, in the knowledge and with the wealth of experience in the background, that there are other-minded humans and that one path might be right for one person but might not be the right to the next. That gives peace, that comes from the heart, thats broadminded and people feel it when you create FOR something and not fight against something, they feel when you do not judge and still make decisions. The emotion behind this is completley different; one is passion and love and the other is anger, desperation and fear. You are then not a trigger but an inspiration. If you want to be flexible, you need compassion and passion, an alert awakened mind and a deep desire not to overrun anything but to create something new. However, there are groups of people who do just that and that is where people should look and be inspired. The true leaders on earth are often not the ones where the majority is looking. Not yet. The small possibly becomes big and the big becomes small...inverted world.... we know that, don't we?

Nevertheless, the experiences with all what we would call negative, lead by emotions as control, fear, etc. have a great potential for growth, provided that one also finds out again of these collective and individual fields of experiences and emotions and does not condemn oneself for the feeling and experience of these emotions. This has nothing to do with spiritualizing fear and pain or even talking them up. These emotions do belong to the "3D experience". They are necessary to experience the whole sectrum of life, to learn that one does not reach the goal with resistance, anger and intolerance. They are no longer necessary from the embodiment in 5D, because from this "layer" the self is in a state of development, in which it has transcended such experiences and feelings and has understood the meaning behind it. Thus also the judging stops and still, one is nevertheless very well and that very authentically, able to act, to decide and to be.

So in the pain and the fear you don't have to stay.... Go back to the observer. Back to yourself. You are not pain, you are not fear, you are just experiencing and feeling it. Integrating the experience of pain, fear, without losing yourself in it or identifying with it, integrating, into your own experience, experiencing and ultimately transcending knowledge from it, which in turn supports empathy for others, for yourself and everyone being different. This is part of the said ascension into 5D (5th dimension), because without the transcendence of these experiences the leap into 5D is not possible, on the contrary it is even a prerequisite... The ascension means among other things a certain disidentification from the 3D to recognize what 5D is at all, to recognize that we are more than flesh and blood...It means to let go of the 3D-identification a little bit, to open the field for something new. For many it is not enough or helpful when a spiritual or sensitive person tells someone to just "open your heart". For some people it needs guidance, explanation, knowledge, clarity, follow-through, wisdom, etc. That's what we from other dimensions or/and benevolent extraterrestrials are there for, to support this process, not to influence or take away. This is exactly how a companion handles it, if he or she works to your highest good.. So be careful with the circulating information, no matter what kind. They are always catalyzers and nothing else. It is mathematics, the universe is mathematics, as unromantic as it sounds. Nothing happens just like that.

To find one's center in order to be able to see the experiences to expand one's consciousness and to see these as inspiration for one's own current and future creations. This allows for both a yes and a no in future decisions. It does not mean that you become a spiritual and transcendent "yes-saying" being. Because it allows this, it is impulsive-individual and because the underlying "push" isnt from unresolved personal patterns, anger and fear but rahter from a more neutral, more experienced, more knowing and altruistic, higher perspective, namely your Self, you begin to swim like a fish through the created chaos, expressing your individuality and doing so without bumps and scratches, without perceived struggle and yet consistently, because you swim and are flexible, meandering through it all.

Letting go of wanting to have the upper hand, letting go of control catapults you into your own wonderful power and manifesting from it. Letting go of resistance and struggle disempowers those who want to enter the fighting ring with you because they no longer have a counterpart for the fight. It is so much easier without inner struggle, you feel that. You catapult yourself out of the game of the powers to keep your consciousness captured and controlled. Creat from within yourself and not from your environment or the nasty inputs of the media, the governments, etc..

Forecast for 2021/2022/2023

Forecasts should always be viewed with discernment. Always use your judgment, no matter where the messages may come from. Always considering of possible filters, everything is to be understood as potential. The messages, respectively the potentials are transmitted in such a way, as the momentary situation shows it most likely. Because we and this also includes the spirit, multidimensional world, in our true core are not static beings, it is like with the fish; he can also suddenly change the direction and he does it impulsively. Nevertheless, there are guidelines and things that are or will be irrevocable. Like a regular fish dies if he is not in the water but then where in the water, plays already a much smaller role than if he is or not.. So if we remember the example with the fish, the new age of Aquarius fits quite well into the current events.

Multidimensional estimations about the potentials for the next 2-3 years.

The given information is a small part of the current potentials. We are aware that this information will not appeal to everyone. But that does not matter. It is meant to serve as a guide for those who resonate with it and can do something with it. A nudge, an inspiration and maybe you will even find confirmation in it and have heard similar things elsewhere or even received them as a message from higher realms yourself. The more subtle worlds, other dimensions, if they act in an altruistic way, never directly influencing, but rather inspiring but always in respect of the free will of humankind. This is one of the universal commandments or guidelines to which by far not all adhere. There is also a cosmic karma...Also outside of the earth there is life, that much is said. Your official science is only not yet completely but soon so far to catch up also "in real-physical" contact with it. With that we mean; also those, which do not connect themselves in a psychic way with us. Not everything is non-physical outside of the earth, it is only that beings and energies are in other conditions adapted or already in a status where something can de- and again materialize.

In the universe stars explode again and again. Simply because it is in the nature of the universe to renew itself. To dissolve past and to create new. This cycle exists everywhere and has nothing to do with polarity or good and bad. The good and the bad exist exclusively on certain levels. Outside of the mind it becomes lighter or more neutral one could say, because the whole is seen more like pros and cons or cycles. In further dimensions also that doesn´t exist anymore and everything is simply resonance, where no mind but a spirit rules, which does not judge in good and evil. Some Christians wonder why God can allow terrible things. Well, in God everything exists. That being said, also the following message is to be understood; as resonance or a message from a higher view, where without coinage and filter is communicated, but simply only what is just there and can be recognized.

The earth respectively the solar system wanders through the galaxy, the Milky Way. The galaxy through the universe etc. Everything is at any time in movement what is underlined also scientifically. What has this to do now with the earth. Well, very much so and this is one of the parts which no free will of mankind is included and simply happens. Cycles happens. The solar system "happens" and is at present in the transition into a changed energetic density, into a field with stronger cosmic radiation, in a kind of "pre-cloud" of a denser energy of the Milky Way, which brings it with itself, that the radiation and the magnetism change in the entire solar system. The transition of the solar system into a changed density has been taking place for several years, and the closer the solar system gets to the portal wall of the next galactic arm, the stronger the radiation becomes. This portal is still 1500 years away. However, since there is a larger portal in our solar system between the sun and the earth, which amplifies the radiation by connecting with the large portal, this amplifies the cosmic changes in our solar system. Since portals do not always behave the same way, it is unclear what happens when the portals get closer. So we are in a kind of fog or pre-cloud before a new chapter is opened.

As also the moon has influence on ebb and flood and many other things on earth, also the cosmic radiation has its, influence on all life. This is not hocus-pocus but scientifically proven. What this radiation does, many could already feel or begin to feel it. You don't see solar radiation and yet you burn yourself. Some things are hidden to the human eye, never forget that before judging.

Where the light, the radiation of the light becomes stronger, so does everything else. Many have heard of the "flash" or the increased solar flares. Many do not really see what comes after. This has its reasons and has only to do with influencing free wi